All About Backlinks or Not?

As every internet marketer knows, backlinks or inbound links are the best weapon at every web designers disposal or is this a myth? I beg to differ with the former, and I agree without backlinks, websites are doomed. But is it really all about backlinks or not?

From my experience as a web designer and marketer, I see a lot of people from web designers to web gurus to plain business-minded people who have jumped on the whole backlink wagon and to be honest, I don’t blame them.

Sample Backlinks Illustration

I run a PR9 backlink submission service from my website and we have seen a great surge in new customers this year who love the notion of having lots of high pr9 .gov and .edu pointing to their websites to further themselves and to try and get ahead of the competition without hurting their bank balances, this has proven to be a wise decision on their part as they have seen a rise in traffic after they have used my services so it can’t be all that bad.

The truth about backlinks, irrespective of whether they are high page ranking ones or low pr, the bottom line is, they can do wonders to a website and the importance and popularity of it which is one of the reasons why I went into the business of being a backlinks supplier.

Set To Nofollow Command Option

If pointed at your website correctly, and not with any NOfollow commands, then with a great backlink service or campaign, your website will get a surge in new traffic like never before and perhaps your new traffic will and can be converted into sales.

As a web designer and internet marketer myself, backlinks are always beautiful and unique and the truth is, they are the bread and butter for me and my family and without them, I don’t know what industry I would end up in, I would probably still end up in backlinks as they would most definitely have some type of purpose even if they were dead weight.

Backlinks are not just ordinary reciprocal links, oh no!, far from it, they offer lots of PR juice for the search engines to suck up and devour and get your website ranked high as the rest so if anyone offers you high pr backlinks that are DOfollow then we suggest you grab the opportunity to get them as they will always add weight to your website or blog in due course. Backlinks are the true testament and a true measure of the success or failure of your website these days.

I showed up at my old former prep school the other week to give a small speech on SEO and help the kids out with marketing their newinternet forum and I made a point in stressing the importance of backlinks especially ones with a high yet permanant contextual linkswhich are also labelled perma-links.

Laptop screen showing WordPress dashboard
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It was a pleasure to see a bunch of 13 year olds watch in awe as I mentioned the best way any person can market their website and gain an advantage over others and i’m hoping now that these kids will go away with a fresh new outlook to market their forum properly andeffectively to get somewhere on the ever growing internet.

They seemed quite optimistic or was that because the bell to leave sounded?
Perhaps, my local businesses will sit up and take notice of the importance of backlinks as a new way of getting business and more customer will it be way too late when they find out what the whole fuss is about?

My website gets over 3000 hits daily why? because everyone loves backlinks and everyone wants to purchase the cheapest highest pr9 backlinks and i don’t just offer a backlink service but i offer a Google maps premium business listing and free web design and all you have to do is pay for the hosting.

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