How to Format Text for SEO Optimization

Many webmasters have a similar question relating to the correct text format for SEO. There are a few particular steps that you can take with your formatting to give your site that extra little boost in the rankings.

However, with the evolving world of SEO many people are now beginning to suspect that these formatting strategies are not as important as they once were.

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Therefore as with everything in the search engine optimization field, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and change your strategies as necessary. What works today in regards to the correct text format for SEO may not work tomorrow. Either way, it’s important to be aware of the theories that are out there and how they may be able to affect the positioning of your website and all of its individual pages.

When people talk about using a specific text format for SEO they are referring to ways of highlighting certain material to make it more prominent. This highlighting will literally highlight content visually on a page to actual visitors, but what is really meant is how the search engines view the tags.

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For example, by marking the title of your page using a tag, you are signifying that the material within the tag is the most important piece of material on the page. Therefore, by incorporating your main keyword or key phrase into that tag you are highlighting the importance of that keyword on your page. Your positioning in the search engines for that term will naturally be improved.

This works similarly for the tag, used to denote a subhead. If you highlight your most important key phrase on a page with the H1 heading, you can then try to target a few additional phrases with your H2’s that appear later on in the content.

The heading tags grow less important the higher the number, and generally speaking after H2 or H3 there isn’t much value in using them at all besides for the specific aesthetic differences of your layout.

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You can also work with text format for SEO marketing within the body of your content. For example, by emboldening a keyword on a page you can also help to highlight the importance of that phrase on your page.

However, to see the benefits of this approach you should not use the regular tag for bold. Rather, you should use the tag, which produces the same visual effect but has attached to it the meaning of importance rather than just a visual change.

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