Primary Factors that Impact PPC Quality Scores

Google AdWords has a pretty heavy incentive to help advertisers succeed with their pay per click / PPC advertising efforts. They know this too. That’s why they’ve come up with AdWords and PPC quality scores to help advertisers know where their ads stand in the grand scheme of things.

More importantly, these scores are designed to help advertisers pinpoint areas where improvements can be made. These are the primary factors that have an impact on the quality scores of your PPC ads.

Expected Click-through Rate

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This score basically indicates the likelihood of your ad, according to your specific keywords, to be clicked—regardless of its position.

Ad Relevance

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Does the ad match the keywords you’re targeting? How closely does it match? Is your ad related to the most common interpretations of keyword search terms? How appropriate is the ad to these keywords according to the searcher’s intent? In other words, how relevant is it?

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Landing Page Experience

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The overall landing page experience is greatly impacted by three things:

1)   Original content

2)   Transparency

3)   Easy to navigate

Without these things, your site will receive a lower quality score and is less likely to deliver impressive results from PPC actions regardless.

Of these terms, transparency is the most difficult for the average person to fully understand. It is often mistaken for ease of navigation.

But the truth of the matter is that transparency has its own important meaning. How easy is it to find contact information for the website? Have you been up front about what happens to any information gathered from visitors to your site? Are the navigation processes on your site self-explanatory?

It is not in your best interest, or Google’s for that matter, to have visitors to your landing page and/or site to have misgivings about sharing their information and allowing you to invade their privacy, to some degree—especially if you are encouraging people to subscribe.

You want them to feel calm and confident about every action they take while visiting your site. Transparency is a great way to give them this feeling.

What does a higher quality score mean for you? The truth is that Google gives these scores a fair amount of weight. Quality scare can impact costs per click, ad placement, and eligibility to participate in certain ad auctions.

No one wants to be on the outside looking in—especially if you’re interested in making bigger money through AdWords. Learn all you can about positively impacting your PPC score with Google and you’ll see results.

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