Boost Your AdWords Quality Score

In many ways, making the decision to invest your time and attention towards Google PPC advertising means that you must, in fact, learn a new language. You’ll come across many new terms and phrases along the way. One such phrase is: Adwords quality score.

The quality score for any given site is an estimate of how well that site should perform based on certain criteria. This can impact your page placement and your advertising costs, too.

The score is based on a number of factors, but there are a few small things you can do that will help you boost your score in a really big way. Here are just a few of the small moves you can make for better quality scores now and in the future.

Create Compelling and Relevant Ads

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Writing great ad headlines may sound like a piece of cake. That is, until you sit down to try to decide on a few catchy headlines you hope will be gain the clicks you need in order for your venture to be profitable.

Unfortunately, your need for validation or even income have little impact on whether or not people on the other end are going to click.

They must find the ad compelling in order to do so. But, if Google doesn’t feel the site on thAdWords Quality Score other end of the link matches your keywords and the ad that sent them there, it will give them a lower score.

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Create a Content Rich and Tightly Focused Landing Page

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Your landing page is also critical when  you’re working to improve your quality score and content is still king when it comes to relating to your audience and generating solid SEO. Part of the problem many marketers face with quality scores is that the landing page content is extremely limited or is only available in the form of a video.

That may have worked in the past and may still work in certain situations. However, when you’re trying to add a little life to your quality score, it isn’t going to do the trick.

You need to have content that relates to the ad as well as the keywords that are targeting this particular landing page. That will lead to a higher click-through rate and will, in turn, improve your quality score.

You don’t have to build a better mouse trap or re-invent the wheel to improve your Google AdWords quality score. In fact, you can do a few simple things, like these, and see some pretty big improvements as a result. Make sure you evaluate your results regularly so you can continue to refine your efforts.

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