How to Improve PPC Click-Through Rates Without Spending More

If you have an unlimited supply of money, you can get outstanding click-through rates online. However, most people are trying to get their businesses up and running on budgets that make shoestrings look healthy by comparison. This makes big budgets something to reach for in the future.

You need help with your CTRs (click-through rates) in the here and now. The ways to improve PPC click-through rates. These steps may not make you an overnight Internet sensation but they will help you make huge improvements in your CTRs and conversions over time—without spending a not so small fortune in the process.

Pick Your Keywords more Carefully

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Choosing the right keywords will make a world of difference for your click-throughs and your conversions. The right keywords can make you money hand over fist while the wrong keywords can cost you plenty. But, how do you know what to look for in keywords that will help you make more while spending less?

1)   Consider AdWords tools that help you find contextual keywords that have less competition while still maintaining an attractive following for your keywords.

The one thing you want, above all else, is decent placement for your ads. The better your keywords match the content your landing page offers and the less competition there is for those keywords, the better it is for your CTR and your bottom line.

2)   Choose keywords that are specific to your target market and/or demographic. It’s possible to target people in certain locations, of certain ages, or even according to marital status.  Choose them wisely according to the people who are most likely to actually buy your product from you online, right now.

Do some keyword and competitive research and it can definitely pay off. Split testing with a small budget could also be very telling!

Create Headlines that are Designed to Attract Attention

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More importantly, you want to write headlines that get positive attention from the target market you’ve already identified. Your headline is your “hello” to the world. Make sure the audience you’re targeting knows who you are and what you have to offer by the time the headline has been completed.

Successful PPC campaigns are not something the average person can throw together at the last minute and find successful. It takes a little bit of planning, trial and error, and some degree of luck to get it to go off without a hitch. You may also want to seek out a pay per click course to help you learn the ins and outs of the world of Google Adwords.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to create successful campaigns in your own right. It just means that you can’t pluck them out of the air. Solid advice will help you find the success you’re hoping for without forking over bucket loads of money in the process.

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