Creating Attention Grabbing and Profit Pulling PPC Headlines

With websites you have about seven seconds to make an impression. Most long-time Internet marketers understand this all too well. However, they forget the seven-second rule, which is more likely to be just a few seconds if you want to get technical about it, when it comes to coming up with click-worthy headlines for their PPC ads.

With so little time to make an impression, it really is important to get it right the first time with your PPC advertising headlines. Here are a few options you should keep in mind when creating your own.

 Use a Liberal Dose of Shock and Awe

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The next time you’re in the supermarket checkout line, take a moment to peruse the PPC headlines of the tabloid magazines waiting there.

You might think that people have become immune to ads such as this or “used car” sales tactics and yet, these tabloids sell millions of copies of these magazines and pay their photographers enough to keep them chasing after unwary stars and starlets week after week in hopes of bringing in the top pictures.

In other words, as unbelievable as it seems, and completely against all odds, these headlines work. You don’t want to hurt your credibility, though, so be careful when trying this out.

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Add a Little Wow Factor

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Make your audience have a “Wow, why didn’t  I think of that!” moment when they read your headlines. There’s really not enough that can be said about the benefit of wow factor when writing headlines.

While there are certainly times in advertising when the KISS (keep it simple sweetie) philosophy works best, creating headlines is not one of those times. That way of thinking leads to boring headlines that are skipped over in the PPC queue.

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Incite Curiosity to the Nth Degree

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Curiosity may have killed the cat but it brings in a ton of clicks. People can’t seem to help themselves. Back in the 1990’s one of the potato chip companies came out with a line of ads that said “I bet you can’t eat just one chip.” People took that challenge, and by and large proved the potato chip maker right.

However, the potato chip company had the best, loudest, and longest laugh of all as viewers bought their bags of chips just to see if they could prove the commercial wrong.

In the world of PPC advertising, the ad headline is the only shot you get to grab the attention of the audience and get the click.  Keep these things in mind: make it engaging, keep it enticing, and get that click. (Don’t forget to deliver value once you get them to your landing page, too!)

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