How to Format Answers on Quora to Optimize Views

In the era of digital communication, it’s essential to understand how to format answers on Quora properly. As a significant contributor to the platform for years, I’d like to share my experience and guide you through this process.

Accessing Quora

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To start, ensure you’ve logged into your Quora account. I personally use LastPass for secure credential sharing and easy log-in. Once you’re logged in, navigate to your workspace. If you’ve been assigned a task and provided a pre-written copy, proceed to the question you should answer.

Formatting the Text

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After copying the answer text, paste it into the response field on Quora. At this point, we need to pay attention to the formatting. To ensure your text is grammatically sound, I recommend using the Grammarly extension for Chrome. This tool can catch any grammar mistakes and make your text more fluent.

Let’s dive deeper into the formatting process.

Bullet Points

First, examine your text and identify any information that could be presented as bullet points. If your text contains lists or a series of related items, formatting these as bullet points can make your answer more readable. Simply click on the bullet point icon in the text editor toolbar and start typing your points.


Next, consider adding images to your answer to make it more engaging. However, avoid using licensed images from platforms like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. Instead, opt for free resources such as Pexels or Unsplash, which offer high-quality images without the need for credits. If you have access to Envato Elements, it’s also an excellent resource for downloading relevant images.

To add an image to your answer, click the image icon in the toolbar and upload your chosen photo. Ensure the image is relevant to the topic and enhances the overall quality of your answer.

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If there is a relevant YouTube video, consider embedding it into your post. This diversifies the content and makes it more engaging and informative for the reader. To embed a YouTube video, copy the video’s URL and click on the ‘Add Video’ icon in the text editor toolbar.

Posting Your Answer

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You’re ready to post your answer once you’ve formatted your text, added bullet points, and included images or videos. If you’re unsure, you can always save it as a draft for approval. If you’ve been provided with pre-written copy, paste it into Quora, format it, use Grammarly to catch any errors, and enhance it with a couple of images or a YouTube video.

Remember, the goal of learning how to format answers on Quora is to make your posts look neat and professional and deliver value to the readers. The better your answers, the more likely they are to be upvoted and shared, which can lead to increased visibility on the platform.

I hope this guide on “How to Format Answers on Quora” was helpful. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. Happy Quora-ing!

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