Perfecting Your PPC Ads – How to Get More Clicks

There is only one thing PPC advertisers want more than they want more clicks—more sales.

However, for most advertisers, the best way to get more sales is to improve their click through rates while simultaneously working to improve the landing page in order to enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Here are just a few things you can do that will get the results you’re looking for.

Write Brasher, Bolder Headlines for Your Ads

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Headlines get clicks. That’s all there is to it. It’s not like a website where you can attract people with a pretty picture, nifty videos, or out of this world content. You have the space of a few seconds and a limited number of characters to grab their attention and entice them to click.

Most estimates put websites as having seven seconds to capture the attention of an Internet audience. PPC ads have even less time than that and are often in competition with others ads on the page, too.  When you only have words to make that kind of impression, you need to go for words that wow.

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Improve Your Overall Quality Score

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Your quality score has a profound impact on your PPC experience. The higher your score, the lower your ads will cost to place and the greater the odds are that Google will reward those ads with prominent placement too. Google AdWords offers quite a bit of help in this regard.

Be sure to check out their help files to find out simple things you can do that will improve your overall quality score with them. These three “Cs” will help you improve your quality score too:

1)   Consistency – you need to consistently target relevant keywords for your site.

2)   Content – Your site needs to have content that matches the keywords your targeting in the ad and that provides value to the users who click through to your site.

3)   Continuity – Your site needs to be interconnected. One page needs to flow into another while sticking to the main topic of the keywords that brought your audience to the site to begin with.

Getting more clicks, however, is only half the battle. For the most part, clicks are not enough for you to begin making the money you’re hoping to make.

Those clicks need to convert. Make sure your keywords and resulting landing page content are appropriate to the action you’re encouraging your audience to take and that the market you’re focusing on is highly targeted to the items you have to sell.

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